Ring Resizing

Expert in-house ring sizing

Need your ring resized? We have our own master bench jeweler, Igor, who resizes gold, silver, and platinum rings right here in our store. Your ring will never have to leave our premises for resizing, as it is all done in-house. Titanium, tungsten, stainless steel, siladium, contemporary metals, and wood cannot be resized. The resizing cost varies depending on your ring's material, its design and width, if there are any stones that need special care or retightening, and how many sizes need to be adjusted. The typical turnaround time is about one week. Simple silver, gold, or platinum bands and solitaire engagement rings can be resized the same day or the next day with our express service.

Ring sizing

How much does it cost to have a ring resized?

The cost of resizing silver rings typically ranges between $50 and $100, depending on whether we are resizing them smaller or larger and if there are any stones present in the ring or not. Gold-plated silver rings will need to be replated to maintain the original gold color after the resizing, and this carries an additional charge. 

To resize a plain 14k yellow gold wedding ring without any diamonds or gemstones, it usually costs about $50–75 to make it smaller. If you want to make it larger, the cost would be around $80-$120, depending on the width of the ring and the amount of gold needed to add.

On the other hand, resizing a white gold engagement ring, which requires rhodium plating to maintain its white and shiny appearance, typically ranges from $120 to $230 (depending on its design and gold karat, 14k or 18k). To resize a 14k white or yellow gold engagement ring with many small accent stones, the cost will be on average between $120-$220. This cost covers the checking and tightening of all stones after resizing to ensure they remain secure in the setting.

Platinum rings that have no stones or platinum solitaire diamond rings typically average between $80-$120 to size down and $140-$250 to size up, depending on how much extra platinum metal needs to be added.

You might ask, why does resizing a silver ring cost as much as it does? How can sizing down a silver ring cost the same as a gold ring? The reason is that silver can be very hard to work with, even more so than gold, because of how well it conducts heat. Most jewelers won't even take in silver jewelry repairs nowadays because of it! But we do. The price includes expertise in working with silver. Silver rings that have stones in them to be resized need to be done with a special procedure involving dipping the ring into water while heating it up so as not to damage stones. This is very time-consuming and needs to be done correctly so as not to ruin the ring. Silver gets softer after getting heated, and oxides as well; all of these require special training to get the job done right, no matter whether your ring has stones or not.

How much does it cost to solder a broken shank on my ring?

In most cases, the cost to solder a cracked ring is the same as it would be to size it.

resizing a gold wedding ring

As you can see, the cost of resizing depends on your particular ring's metal composition, its width, whether it has any stones or not, and how many sizes up or down we're doing. Ring sizing and repair aren't priced based on the value of your ring but rather on the difficulty of working with the metal and design. We kindly invite you to our store to get an accurate sizing estimate appropriate for your situation; walk-ins are welcome. Our ring resizing pricing includes stone tightening, making sure everything is secure after adjusting the ring size, a complete cleaning and polishing of your ring to make it shine like new again, and rhodium plating if needed.

stone tightening

We always take extra care to ensure that the stones are securely set after adjusting the metal, especially when sizing up. Each ring is unique and requires proper care to maintain its integrity after resizing, and the price of resizing reflects the labor involved.

More uncommon type of rings that need to be resized:

Uncommon types of ring resizing, such as eternity rings, two-tone metal rings, and class rings, may or may not be possible at all, depending on the design and metal of your ring. To find out for sure, please visit our store so that we can personally examine your ring and provide you with an estimate.

Can you resize a diamond eternity band?

It is a challenging task to resize an eternity ring with stones all around it, and it should only be entrusted to a highly skilled jeweler. Our expert jeweler, Igor, specializes in handling such jobs. While not all rings can be resized due to the type of stones they have, diamond eternity bands can usually be resized. However, the cost of resizing can only be determined after inspecting the ring and assessing if we need to match the color and clarity of your diamonds when selecting a diamond for a sizing-up job. Therefore, we cannot provide a price estimate without examining your ring first.

Eternity diamond band

Ring Repair and Restoration

We specialize in repairing and restoring rings that are bent out of shape, have broken or cracked ring shanks, or have worn-out thin shanks. We also offer services for bezel repair and rebuilding, as well as general ring refurbishment and restoration.

For the perfect resizing of your precious ring, we always utilize the appropriate solder depending on the metal type and karat. Silver rings are resized using silver solder, white gold rings are resized using white gold solder, yellow gold rings are resized with yellow gold solder, and platinum rings are resized using platinum solder. After every resizing, we ensure that all your stones are securely and tightly set. White gold rings are rhodium-plated after resizing to restore their shine after heating up the ring.

We welcome you to visit our store, where our attentive staff will measure your finger and our master bench jeweler, with more than 40 years of experience, will resize your ring in-house, guaranteeing the utmost craftsmanship. Get it done right the first time with Jewelry Express Works in Brookline, MA.

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