We restring bead and pearl necklaces and bracelets, with the option of knotted pearls for added security. Additionally, we offer clasp replacements. Restringing costs vary depending on factors such as length, material, type of restringing (knotted or not), and type of clasp. On average, the cost of restringing an 18" knotted pearl necklace using silk thread and with the original clasp is approximately $110. Restringing a 24" unknotted bead necklace with a nylon-coated stainless steel string would cost around $84. For more simple bracelet repairs, it is possible to restring a 6" stretchable bracelet for as little as $20.

These are approximate prices; the actual cost to restring might be lower or higher depending on how many strands there are and the design of your necklace. The typical turnaround time is one to two weeks.

pearl restringing