Chain Repair

Expert and fast repair: necklaces, bracelets, and clasps

repairing cable chain

We can seamlessly repair most broken gold, silver, and platinum chains and bracelets, as well as replace broken clasps. The cost of repair varies depending on the design, material, and what needs to be fixed or replaced. The most simple and basic chain repairs, like snapped necklaces or lost jump rings that need to be replaced and soldered, usually cost between $29 and $49, depending on the metal and design. On average, the repair costs for more intricate or harder-to-work metal chain repairs, like hollow rope necklaces or higher-karat and hollow necklaces or platinum necklaces, range from $50 to $80. Gold and platinum clasps are priced by their size and weight; prices vary depending on those factors; please inquire in-store. A silver clasp replacement starts at $30. The typical repair time is 2–3 days.

A note on hollow and plated chains:

Hollow gold chains, such as hollow rope chains, can certainly be repaired just like regular chains. However, it is important to note that the cost of repairing them may be higher compared to regular chains. This is due to the complexity and high level of expertise required to fix them without leaving any imperfections after the repair.

Because of the inadequate design of hollow chains, they have a tendency to break multiple times, usually in a different location each time. It is important for our customers to be aware of this before moving forward with the repair, as the cost will be the same each time you fix it. We do not offer discounts for repeat repairs of the same necklace should it break again, as it is the same time and labor for us to fix it each time.

Gold-plated necklaces, such as gold-plated silver, can also be repaired. However, it is important to be aware that they may experience slight discoloration after the repair process in the spot that was broken before and soldered.