Watch Repair

watch battery replacement
Watch repairs we do on premises and turnaround times:
Watch battery replacement (typically while you wait)
Watch band replacement (typically while you wait)
Watch movement replacement (about one week)
Watch glass replacement (about one week)
Watch resizing (typically while you wait)
Watch hands repair (about one week)


How much do watch batteries cost?

The cost of replacing a standard watch battery ranges from $12 to $20. The cost varies based on the watch type, whether it has a snap-back cover or screw-back, and the required method of installing the internal battery. Certain watches have multiple batteries to operate lights and perform additional functions. We do charge for each battery, but we will let you know in advance before replacing them if your watch has multiple batteries (this is more common in digital or dual-time watches).

Luxury and premium watch battery replacement typically ranges from $25 to $45, while solar-powered batteries are priced at $75.

How much do watch bands cost?

We offer a variety of watch bands for you to choose from, with prices ranging from $20 to $80 (for example, leather or more premium lizard or alligator bands, or heavier duty metal bands), depending on what material they're made of. On average, a basic leather band replacement costs around $20–40 and can usually be done quickly while you wait!

How much does a watch resizing cost?

Watch resizing is a speedy service that can be done while you wait, taking around 5–15 minutes. On average, it only costs $10–20 to resize a regular watch bracelet.

How much does it cost to replace an old or damaged movement in my watch?

Sometimes, just changing the battery on a watch isn't enough to make it work again. If an old battery leaks or water seeps in, it can cause rust and damage the inner workings of the watch. In such cases, it is more convenient and cost-effective to replace the entire watch movement instead of getting it taken apart and repaired. The cost of replacing a quartz watch movement varies depending on the specific watch. We offer this service in-house, and it usually takes about a week. On average, the replacement cost for most standard watch quartz movements ranges from $45 to $85. However, for certain older, rarer, or higher-end luxury watches, the cost to replace movements can be in the hundreds. We prioritize customer satisfaction and trust. If we identify an issue and see there are costly repairs needed that are more than normal, we will always inform you about the cost beforehand and wait for your approval before starting the work on your watch.

How much does it cost to replace the glass on my watch?

To change a watch crystal, whether it is made of plastic or glass, the watch needs to be completely taken apart. It cannot be easily removed from the front, as it would harm the watch's face, hands, and dial. The price for replacing a watch glass varies based on the watch's size, shape, and material. Typically, a basic round mineral glass costs $40 to replace, while thicker or domed glass is priced at around $60 to $80. Sapphire crystals, which are much more scratch-resistant than regular mineral glass, can, on the other hand, range from $100 to $150 for replacement.

How much does watch service cost?

We do not perform watch servicing (overhauls and cleaning) on-site; instead, we send it out for service. Since each watch and repair is unique, there is no fixed price for the service. If you want to receive a service estimate, there is a $25 fee for shipping to our watchmaker partners. Within about a week, we will give you a repair estimate. After that, you can choose to accept or reject the service. If you decline, we will have your watch shipped back to us and returned to you without any additional charges or hassle within a few business days. It's that simple.

Do you buy or trade watches?

We don't buy watches from our customers, and we don't exchange watches.

A note on longer duration repairs and watch overhauls:

Special watch batteries, custom watch bands, and watch movement orders:

Certain specialized watch batteries, such as solar-powered batteries, require ordering, typically take around one to two weeks to arrive, and most commonly cost around $75 to replace. Unlike standard watch batteries, these solar-powered batteries have an average lifespan of 3-5 years and, in rare cases, even longer. Please be aware that these solar batteries can only be used with solar watches and cannot be installed in regular quartz watches.

Although we have a large selection of watch bands in our store, if you'd like to order a custom watch band, you can expect a similar timeframe of about a week or two. In the case of new watch movements, they also take approximately a week or two to be ordered.

watchmaker repairing a watch

Watch overhauls, aka complete watch service:

A watch overhaul involves the complete disassembly and inspection of all components in order to identify any issues and repair or replace any broken parts. It is a comprehensive service for your watch. Although it may not always be successful for very old watches in severe disrepair, in most cases, watches are restored to a like-new condition both cosmetically and mechanically. The cost of servicing a watch is completely different in each situation and is determined by several factors, such as the required repairs, the cost of parts and labor, and the watch brand. In order to determine the approximate cost, we would need to send the watch out for an initial estimate, which might take about a week or two. Work will not start on your watch until you get a clear and concise cost estimate for the job and we get your approval to proceed with the repair. We offer a one-year warranty on our watch overhaul service to guarantee your complete satisfaction.