June 17, 2017

Very happy with their work

"We were delighted with quality and service and price. Had a whole new amethyst and diamond ring copied from the original, had a wedding band fixed by adding different chips and stones. Had earrings repaired. Work Is impeccable and reasonably priced. Definitely, recommend. Will go back to reset some other jewelry."
May 26, 2017

Excellent job!

"I needed a turquoise stone necklace fixed. Igor did a phenomenal job with it - he reassembled it and put it on a beautiful clasp. When I went to pick it up I was unsure if I wanted the length altered so he quickly problem solved and suggested a claw clasp which would allow me to wear it shorter or longer depending on the outfit and look choice. I loved the idea and he was able to quickly make that vision a reality while I explored the beautiful jewelry items on display at the store."
September 18, 2016

Quality service

"Igor is a man of few words...but man, is he good at what he does. I came in extemporaneously on a lovely Friday afternoon after work because my watch had stopped working. For anyone who knows me, I LOVE my watch. It is a Rado watch that my dad lovingly bought for my mom; he later bought her a different one so that worked out perfectly for me heh. I've worn it consistently for the past 8+ years. Because it is older than most watches, the battery usually needs to be changed every 1-2 years.Thinking this was the case again, I went to Jewelry Express Works to see if I could get a battery replacement. Igor was pleasant and said he would look at it before he could tell me what steps he would take. After about 5 minutes of me perusing the adorable store, he came out from the workroom and told me that the new battery was put in but it still did not work. Cue panic mode. Immediately, I started thinking about all the repair scenarios: "He's going to tell me I need to replace a"